10 goop-Favorite Beauty and Wellness Oases in LA

Whether you want a full-on cleanse replete with lymphatic massage, colonics, and infrared sauna sessions or just some really natural-looking lash extensions, LA more than delivers when it comes to beauty and wellness services. To navigate the delightfully exhaustive number of options—and to book and plan your treatments with a few swipes on your phone—we love Along with a comprehensive roster of licensed dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med spas where you can choose from a variety of medical aesthetic treatments and its carefully curated list of everything from spas, cleansing centers, and hair salons to health care providers, the site also has a fantastic concierge service to help you figure out the ultimate spot for exactly what you’re looking for. 

Face Place LA
Don’t expect soft music and gentle massage protocols here. Face Place, whose minimalist aesthetic fits its no-nonsense treatment approach, takes a more clinical tack to skin care. The Signature Facial combines a round of extractions with oxygen therapy and pore-tightening galvanic current. Our other favorites: The Vitamin C Peel is excellent for softening hyperpigmentation, and the Enzyme Peel is superbly brightening.

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