Face Place iderm Facial Treatment, Enzyme Peels and LED Light Therapy will help to improve, rejuvenate and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

iderm Facial Treatment (Formerly Signature Facial Treatment) - $155

Face Place iderm Facial Treatment goes beyond the typical superficial surface cleansing of the skin to include:

  • a deep, manual cleansing of all facial pores.
  • the oxygenation of the facial tissues through increased blood circulation to the face, supplying an elevated level of nourishment.
  • the rejuvenation, firming and tightening of facial tissues.

There are two core segments of the iderm Treatment.

  • skilled manual extractions.
  • Galvanic current.


Additional information

The use of galvanic current optimizes the penetration of key ingredients into the facial tissue.  Galvanic treatments have long been respected by many as one of the most effective anti-aging treatments.  With many technologies available in today’s modern market, galvanic treatments are still one of the original advanced treatments in skin health.  Nothing has been shown to provide results of galvanic without shots, pain or invasive procedure.

Our anti-aging solution is based on a combination of vitamin C and zinc.  Vitamin C, which has been used in the iderm Facial Treatment for over 80 years, helps to regenerate tissue, promote new cell growth and it is still viewed as one of the most powerful antioxidants.  Zinc is an anti-inflammatory which calms the facial tissues.  The skin’s clean, youthful glow is the only evidence that you have just been through a rigorous detoxification process.

Galvanic current also helps to tighten and firm the skin tissue, regenerate and stimulate the skin cells, firm and refine skin texture, tighten the pores, increase circulation to the face, stabilize the pH of the skin and boost the healing process.




Enzyme Peels

Face Place peels utilize the most scientifically advanced products available which allow us to offer treatments that yield unparalleled results with no downtime.  Achieve a brighter, healthier complexion and even out skin tone.

Lighten & Brighten Peel - $155          

The skin will tighten, lighten and brighten. This treatment is ideal for both young and mature skin. It is an excellent, safe and gentle peel.

Vitamin C Peel - $155

This pigmentation resurfacing treatment is designed to tighten and brighten.  After a series of peels, the skin will be smoother and lighter, with a more even complexion.

Oxygen Lift - $155

A revolutionary treatment to exfoliate, illuminate & oxygenate for a gorgeous glow and a fresh, uplifted look that will transform your skin.

LED Light Therapy

Red Light: Reduces wrinkles, tightens and tones the skin, evens out the complexion while fading freckles and age spots.

Blue Light: Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment for mild, moderate and severe acne.

Pink Light: Anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenation treatment excellent for post-injection and laser treatments.

LED Pricing can be found here


Other Services

Glow & Go Facial - $175

The Glow & Go Facial combines the Vitamin C Peel with 10 minutes of LED Light Therapy.

Hollywood A-List Facial - $300

The Hollywood A-List Facial combines iderm Facial Treatment with the Vitamin C Peel and 10 minutes of LED Light Therapy.


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