Our History

Face Place has been Hollywood’s best-kept secret for 50 years. Founded in 1972, Face Place immediately became a celebrity haven, developing a cult-like following for those wanting clean, clear, rejuvenated skin.

Our Signature Facial Treatment, also known as the iderm Deep Skin Ionization Process was first introduced in 1937 by Dermaculture’s founder, Dr. Paul Meminger, a scientist and chemist who was a pioneer in skin technology. Dr. Meminger pioneered the use of electric current to introduce vitamin-rich solutions to the deep layers of the dermis. His research resulted in the development of the iontophoresis/galvanic treatment known today as iderm which offers dramatic results to all types of skin.

In 2005, we brought the expertise of our West Hollywood clinic to New York City. In 2015, we opened the first Face Place clinic outside the U.S. in the Sense Spa at Rosewood London. In 2019 a second London location was opened in the Harvey Nichols department store, located in Knightsbridge. In 2021 we opened a Face Place in the Gotham Hotel, Manchester and in 2022 the first Face Place in the EU opened in Prague, Czech Republic.

After a successful operating relationship that began in 1972, Face Place and Dermaculture formalized the synergies from their strategic partnership by merging the two companies in early 2020. Today, the iderm Deep Skin Ionization Treatment is available in treatment centers across the U.S., the UK and EU.

Meet the iderm facial

The iderm Facial Treatment takes a clinical approach, combining skilled extraction techniques with galvanic current to deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion. The iderm proprietary process has also proven extremely effective in the medical arena where it is recommended for pre and post laser and surgical procedures to re-hydrate the skin and boost the healing process.


Meet the products

Face Place products are formulated with ingredients targeted to help improve skin health, condition, and appearance. We create our products from natural and botanical ingredients that are selected for their true benefits. We do not use ingredients that are derived from animal sources or that are tested on animals.

In 2020 Face Place added the Dermaculture line to its portfolio of skincare products. For over 80 years Dermaculture has provided time-tested, trusted formulations. Reminiscent of the brand's heritage, today Dermaculture's apothecary line of products focus on all skin types with effective, clinical skincare formulations.

Face Place and Dermaculture skincare products will help you achieve clear, clean, rejuvenated skin.