It's weird and wonderful – and like nothing our Beauty Editor's done before

Sometimes, I think I’ve seen it all. I’ve entered chambers with temperatures of -90, I’ve succumbed to energy-boosters in my derrière, and I’ve had more than my fair share of facials.

But never before have my tried-and-tested forays involved a heat dome, a galvanic current and a futuristic mask that is both terrifying and completely intriguing. Hailing from Hollywood (where else?), Face Place’s unique treatment has been keeping the likes of Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone and Emma Watson firmed, toned and suitably glowy for quite some time. So step aside, A-listers, it’s my turn.

Step One: Heat Dome, vacuum & extraction

Face Place is all about attention to detail, and one thing’s for sure: a warm, heated bed starts you off on the right note. I relished the opportunity to close my eyes as flannels soaked in antibacterial yucca root were placed over my face, followed by a heated, cone-shaped dome. Although this might seem bewildering, the deep penetration of heat opens pores and preps the skin for what’s to come – the delightfully satisfying extraction. A vacuum (not unlike a mini hoover) helps stimulate blood flow, removes debris and enhances circulation, while a rolling technique is used for manual extraction, to get those nasty little critters beneath the surface. It’s worth noting that, unlike most facials, this is done over the entire face – not just certain areas – and involves no painful pinching or red marks. Ten out of 10 so far, Face Place.

Step Two: Collagen, vitamin C and zinc solution & galvanic mask

Next up was an infusion of the brilliant antioxidant vitamin C to help regenerate tissue and stimulate collagen production, alongside zinc to calm any inflammation. But the real pièce de résistance was the galvanic leather mask. Never heard of it? You’re not the only one. This sinister-looking contraption (great for selfies), pulses the face with currents to drive the active solution deeper into the skin and stimulate cell renewal. In other words, it will tighten and firm the skin, and let you walk away with colour in your cheeks and one hell of a glow. The only side effect I felt was a slight metallic taste in my mouth as the currents worked their magic.

The result? It was worth every metallic minute to emerge with glowing skin that was 100% more Hollywood than when I entered. Not only was it shiny and sheeny on top – it had also undergone some serious heavy lifting underneath. Plus, there’s absolutely no downtime. If you need a skin reset, short- or long-term, Face Place and all its futuristic machinery is worth its weight in gold.


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