ES Tests: The Face Place signature facial at the Rosewood

Found: the perfect pre-wedding facial

Having a treatment too close to an event is risky. What if you react, are left with redness or, god forbid, break out in spots. It’s not worth it. But so confident are the people behind Face Place that they recommend clients have their signature facial just a few hours before an event.

Created in West Hollywood in 1972, Face Place opened its first clinic outside of the States at the Rosewood’s Sense Spa in London in 2015. Sticking to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mantra, the brand’s signature facial, a non-invasive tightening and firming treatment, hasn’t changed in all that time. 

So, in the midst of wedding silly season, we went along to check it out…

The Treatment

It all kicks off with some serious cleansing. Face Place prefer to create a heat dome, rather than steam the skin, which they say can cause dehydration. My therapist did this by layering yucca root infused towels on my face followed by a heated cone-shaped mask (pictured above). With my pores loosened up, the therapist performed a thorough extraction – which didn’t hurt in the slightest and left zero trace of redness – then used a tiny little hoover pen to suck up any remaining impurities and detritus. Take that, London pollution. 

With my pores open and ready to receive anti-aging goodness, my therapist applied a vitamin C and zinc solution. Vitamin C, one of the most searched for beauty ingredients at the moment, is touted for its collagen-boosting properties, while zinc is known as an anti-inflammatory with skin healing powers. 

Next comes the clinical part. A rather frightening galvanic mask is fitted to your face – though it’s perfectly comfortable – and electric currents are directed into your skin. You won’t feel anything, but most people do have a metallic taste in their mouths while the machine is switched on. I did, and it's inoffensive. 

The Results

I don’t know if it was just that I was aware I’d had a treatment, but I’m pretty sure people were looking at me admiringly on my way home from the spa. So much so that I decided to walk the long way back so more people could witness my glowing skin!

For the next few days it felt plump and soft, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have the signature facial again before a big event.

Best for…

This is a clinical, results-focussed facial and, while still relaxing, this is aimed at people who want to see an immediate difference. Best for people who want a pre-event perk-up with no downtime.


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