The Observer : By Funmi Fetto

I Can't Do Without...An A-list Facial Treatment That's Actually A-grade!

The cynical beauty editor in me struggles with hype surrounding beauty treatments. That said, I am a sucker for facials said to be popular with the Hollywood set - I mean, if it’s good enough for the red-carpet walkers whose pores are going to be scrutinized by millions, surely it must be brilliant. Well, not all the time. I’ve had so-called ‘loved by A-listers’ facials where I’ve left with a greasy, filthy face. But at Face Place, however, my skin went from congested to pores so clean you could eat off it.

It is a no-nonsense facial with a clinical approach, which I love - anything floaty is a waste of money. The key is extractions (a facial without extractions is like a car without wheels). Be warned, a heated dome is placed on your face to prepare it for this process, so claustrophobes may struggle. The current used encourages collagen production. A facial massage gets rid of excess fluids, toxins and puffiness. A vitamin C and zinc infusion provides the glow, particularly after a skin peel (yes it tingles, but not unbearably so). The result is decongested, contoured, glowing skin and no downtime. Which is exactly why Hollywood loves it.  

- Funmi Fetto

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