Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are probably one of skincare’s hottest ingredients right now, but how exactly do they work, and what benefits do they have for your skin?

Stem cells are special cells with the ability to repair damaged tissue-- in humans, animals, and plants! Stem cells have the ability to become different types of cells, and allow plants to withstand environmental stress and regenerate themselves when their tissues are damaged.

When plant stem cells are used in skincare, they have a powerful antioxidant effect-- containing amino acids and peptides that help to renew and rejuvenate skin. Plant stem cells can signal our skin cells to increase turnover, leading to older, dead skin cells being shed and the creation of new skin cells. This can help skin appear plumper, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve texture and tone of skin! They can also protect skin from environmental factors, such as UV radiation and pollution.

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