Face Place x Dermaculture

Face Place™ is excited to announce the merger of Face Place™ and Dermaculture®, a California based skin care company founded in 1937. This merger results in a combined history of 130 years utilizing the proprietary galvanic facial treatment process or iderm® treatment. Our combination expands our skincare product offerings to include the Dermaculture retail apothecary line of products.

What is our history with Dermaculture?
Our Signature Facial Treatment, also known as the iderm Deep Skin Ionization Process, was first introduced in 1937 by Dermaculture. Dermaculture was founded by Dr. Paul Meminger, a scientist and chemist who was a pioneer in skin technology. Dr. Meminger pioneered the use of electric current to introduce vitamin rich solutions to the deep layers of the dermis. His research resulted in the development of the iontophoresis/galvanic treatment known today as iderm which offers dramatic results to all skin types.

Dermaculture has had such a positive impact on Face Place since our inception, so we couldn't think of a more symbiotic relationship than the one we have created today with this merger. We hope you explore our newest arrival of Dermaculture products which compliment our Face Place product line and continue to enjoy seeing results!



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