Joylux X Face Place

You already take good care of the skin on your face and body, but have you thought about how you’re taking care of your skin “down there”? Women’s intimate health is an often neglected subject but we think that it should be celebrated and treated with the same great care you give your face!

Self care has become a hot topic given how important it is in our current lives, and how much it contributes to our overall well being. Intimate health is an important aspect of self care and being able to openly talk about all aspects of intimate care is beneficial in so many ways, including; making us happier, healthier, less anxious, and more confident. The conversation about intimate health is extremely important for women (and their partners)! As we age, our bodies experience a wide variety of changes and we must learn how to navigate and adapt by educating ourselves and finding products made for maturing bodies.

Our friends over at Joylux have a team dedicated to bringing the latest technology of noninvasive, non-hormonal and effective intimate care for women! The products are created by passionate female leaders: CEO and founder Colette Courtion partnered with board-certified Ob-Gyn Dr. Sarah de la Torre. Their expertise and passion for women’s health shines through in their high-quality, innovative products.

You may already be familiar with our LED light therapy treatments at Face Place, but did you know that LED light treatments can be used for other areas beyond your face? LED light therapy treatments are one of our favorites to stimulate collagen and elastin production and rejuvenate facial skin, to name a few benefits. The Joylux vFit device uses red LED light, along with gentle heat and sonic technology to stimulate tissue and ultimately help promote natural hydration, improve strength, sensation, and increase confidence.

Joylux also has a range of products designed specifically for female intimate care. There are a ton of ingredients that are commonly used in skincare that should actually be avoided on delicate intimate tissue. Joylux created a line of products that are free of harmful and irritating ingredients, and have a pH balance of 4.5 to 5! The pH level of the product is essential to ensure that it doesn’t change the natural, healthy pH level of your delicate tissue.

Just like Face Place products, Joylux is created by professionals and experts in the field, and backed by the latest technology and innovations. We are so excited to join the conversation of women’s intimate health and share JoyLux with you!

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