Balancing Stressed Out Skin


Could your skin issues be caused by stress? Our skin is generally influenced by what’s going on inside our bodies, and when we’re stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released, which can disrupt your skin’s natural barrier. This can then lead to dryness, dullness, acne breakouts, and uneven pigmentation. Even worse, seeing these effects of stress on our skin can make us even more stressed, making the problem worse! It’s important to approach this issue from multiple angles: while proper skincare can dramatically improve skin’s appearance, addressing the root of the problem, which is your stress levels, is also necessary! 

On the skincare front, use products that are specially formulated for rebalancing stressed skin! Products that are gentle, properly pH balanced, soothing and hydrating are key. Start off with a good cleanse to remove excess oils, dirt and pollution from skin-- we suggest using our Gentle Face Wash, which protects our skin’s natural balance and effectively cleanses away oils and potential irritants. 

Next, you’ll need products that rehydrate and rebalance throughout your day. Follow up your cleanser with Soothing Toner, which helps soothe irritation and provide nourishing antioxidants to heal skin. Next, use a serum to deliver a concentrated combo of ingredients to help repair your skin. Pro-Collagen Serum helps stimulate collagen production, which results in improved texture and elasticity. Finally, seal in all the goodness with your favorite moisturizer. Don’t skip the moisturizer even if your skin seems oily-- stressed skin often overproduces oil (which then causes acne) because it is too dry, which means your skin isn’t getting the moisture that it needs! Depending on your skin type, Face Place Oil Control Lotion, or Dermaculture Balance Perfection Creme are both great options for when your skin is feeling stressed. 

After you’ve started soothing your skin, it’s time to look into the sources of stress in your life. Make sure your diet contains lots of macronutrients and antioxidants, and drink lots of water throughout the day. Try to get more consistent sleep, since our skin repairs itself as we sleep. Dedicate some time in your schedule for self-care and exercise-- both of these will help calm your body, decreasing levels of cortisol. 

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