Meet Dermaculture


Have you tried our Dermaculture products yet? This attested skincare line was inspired and formulated by apothecary principles, when formulas were mixed by hand and customized for individual skin needs. Whether your skin needs extra hydration, is prone to acne, or any other skin concerns, there’s a specially formulated remedy to address all your skin needs.

A bit of background: Dermaculture was founded in 1937 and pioneered the iderm Facial Treatment using galvanic current and skilled extraction techniques to improve skin tone, decrease visible lines and miraculously clear the complexion. This treatment goes well beyond the surface of the skin, cleansing facial pores, firming and tightening skin and increasing blood circulation to the face to oxygenate the facial tissues. This groundbreaking technology was first researched in the 1930’s by Dr. Paul Meminger, an engineer and chemist specializing in skin technology and founder of Dermaculture. 

In developing the product line, Dermaculture has taken the same approach to innovation and embracing of new technologies to create formulas designed for results in treating skin issues.  Each product is filled with powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to have lasting benefits for the skin, while staying true to Dermaculture’s apothecary roots with botanical ingredients. You’ll see ingredients like bearberry; which is a stellar skin brightener, yucca; which dissolves clogged pores, and hops; which are moisturizing and brightening. 

To find the perfect product for your skin, you can shop by skin concern on our site, where products are categorized to help with acne & breakouts, control oiliness, reduce sensitivity, and anti-aging.


For questions or inquiries on orders, please fill out and submit the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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