It's easy to push our beauty routines to the wayside during these uncertain times, but that is the last thing you should do! Why is that? Well because when we feel good about ourselves it has positive effects on our mind as well. This translates into our work and home lives in the best way and of course keeps our sanity!

We suggest sticking with your normal routines even though things may not be normal. This includes getting up at the same time each day and beginning the day with your regular skin care regimen. Next steps: getting out of your pajamas and dressed for the day, doing your hair, putting on makeup (if you normally wear makeup) and shaving -all as if you were leaving the house- this can do wonders for productivity.

Although some of us rely heavily on outside sources for our vanity, this spare time at home is perfect for doing it ourselves (for most of us hair dying/cutting may be an exception to this!). Things like nail care, body care, hair care and face care are essential for making us look great which in turn makes us feel great! Many brands make it easy to do these things yourself with the help of tutorials and at-home kits. Our Home Facial Kit provides you with the necessary tools for taking expert care of your skin in the comfort of your own home (Bonus: it comes with a 10 minute phone consultation with our lead esthetician!).

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