The Importance of Serums

You may see serums as just another product that makes your skincare routine longer-- but they’re actually an integral step in any skincare routine! Serums are absolutely essential for targeting all sorts of specific skin concerns, such as signs of aging, acne, dryness, and much more. Of all the skincare products available, serums are often the ones that can make the biggest difference.

What makes serums so effective? Serums are specially formulated to have high concentrations of active ingredients, are usually water-based, and leave out thickeners and other additives. The combination of the water base and generally smaller molecules means that serums can penetrate your skin much more quickly and deeply than active ingredients in other skincare products.

To make the most out of your serums, be sure to apply them correctly. After cleansing, apply your toner, then serums, and finally a moisturizer to lock in all of the goodness! Serums can be easily layered since they absorb so quickly, so if you have multiple skin concerns that different serums target, just give each serum a few seconds to absorb into skin before adding the next layer.

Our expertly formulated serums contain powerful ingredients to improve your skin-- here’s the breakdown so that you can choose the serum that best fits your needs:

Hydrating Serum - A highly concentrated, age defying serum that with consistent daily use provides immediate, visible improvement to skin tone, texture and firmness. This serum fights off environmental damage with Grape Stem Cell Extract and powerful Peptides.

Pro-Collagen Serum - Helps the skin's ability to rejuvenate itself and minimize the signs of the aging process. It re-hydrates the skin, intensifying moisture retention and discouraging dryness that leads to premature aging. Natural botanical extracts protect against dangerous free radicals and helps to improve the skin's texture and elasticity.

Vitamin C Serum - A very powerful night-time antioxidant regenerating serum with stabilized Vitamin C, Plant Stem Cells and Peptides. Stimulates skin’s auto regenerative action, preventing pigmentation and increasing skin’s brightness for a smoother, firmer, more youthful looking complexion. Grape Stem Cell Extract, combined with concentrated, stabilized Vitamin C, acts as a cellular activator.

Collagen Serum Elixir - This modern hydrating treatment formula uses skin native protein ingredients Elastin and Collagen for binding moisture and improving elasticity to help fight visible signs of aging caused by dehydration.


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