We all enjoyed the travel and extra vitamin D, but our skin may have payed the price and is ready for some TLC! Our results driven facials are unlike any other and are exactly what your skin needs this holiday season.

Our well-known Signature Facial goes beyond the typical superficial surface cleansing of the skin. It includes a deep, manual cleansing of all facial pores along with skilled manual extractions (which leave you without any redness or irritation).

The next core segment of the facial is the galvanic current which rejuvenates, firms and tightens the facial tissues (bye bye wrinkles!) while oxygenating your skin through increased blood circulation to the face. It pulls our proprietary blend of Zinc and Vitamin C deep into your skin for the ultimate product penetration (double antioxidant power!).

Let our skin gurus at Face Place give your skin the extra love it deserves. Request an appointment today!


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