A Peel With No Downtime? Yes, It’s A Thing

No need to use those vacation or sick days from work, Face Place enzyme peels yield unparalleled results without the downtime. Peels are essential for evening out skin tone and achieving a brighter, healthier complexion. Your skin will thank you.

We offer two fantastic peels at Face Place utilizing the most scientifically advanced products available!

1. Lighten & Brighten: Your skin will tighten, lighten and brighten. This treatment is ideal for both young and mature skin. It is an excellent, safe and gentle peel.

2. Vitamin C: This pigmentation resurfacing treatment is designed to tighten and brighten. After a series of peels, the skin will be smoother and lighter, with a more even complexion. 

*PRO TIP - Try the Hollywood A-list Facial or the Glow & Go Facial which includes an enzyme peel. We know how busy life can be, these facials help to get the most out of your appointment!

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