Why The Facial Treatments At Face Place Are Like No Other...


If you’re someone who considers themselves to be a facial aficionado, there’s still a good chance that you have never received one that includes galvanic current. At Face Place we think it’s pertinent in order to see real results and we’ll tell you why!

The galvanic current:

• Pulls all of the superior product used during a facial into your skin for the deepest possible product penetration.

• Oxygenates your skin for that extra glow!

• Dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles while tightening the skin.

• Stimulates cells (for mature skin this is key!).

• Creates long-lasting results.

The cherry on top is that it’s absolutely painless, extremely safe and suitable for all skin types. It probably seems too good to be true because generally beauty = pain, but not with the galvanic current. It’s one of those age old traditions that honestly just plain works! We've been doing it the same way for almost 50 years now (that’s when you know it’s good!).

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