3 Tips & Tricks

Ditch The Makeup Wipes

Most makeup wipes have ingredients that we shouldn't be putting on our face in the first place and to top it off you’re using an abrasive cloth that irritates the skin to do so. That being said, we recommend opting for a more gentle solution. Our rich and creamy Cleansing Milk makeup remover is safe for all skin types and (cherry on top) it can be used as your daily cleanser too!


What he never knew he needed, but won’t be able to live without..

Our best selling Honey Almond Scrub | Why? Great for guys to use before shaving. It prepares the skin for a closer shave with less risk of nicks. Not to mention how ridiculously soft it will make his skin!



Don’t forget about the toner

Why is such an integral step in the skincare routine often overlooked? Maybe because back in the day toners were extremely drying and astringent. Definitely not the case anymore! Face Place toners are non-drying and restore your skin's PH balance. Wipe away any remaining dirt, debris, excess oils or cleanser residue and say hello to normalized skin that’s primed and ready to soak up your moisturizers and serums. 





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