Soak Up The Summer

7 In Season Fruits & Vegetables To Soak Up This Summer

There should be no shortage of these in season fruits and vegetables at your local market to choose from. We can’t stress enough the importance of the products you use on your skin and the same goes for what you put in your body.

Watermelon - hydrating for skin and rich in vitamins that reduce free radicals

Tomatoes - rich in lycopene protecting against cell damage

Berries - super antioxidants promote anti-aging

Avocado - helps moisturize and reduce inflammation

Bell peppers - carotenoids protect the skin from UV exposure

Apricots - a healthy dose of vitamin A keeping the skin firm

Mangos - help clear clogged pores



Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Dry skin leads to premature aging, enough said right!? It’s absolutely vital to the youthfulness of your skin to keep it moisturized. Our innovative line is packed with benefits tailored to each skin concern. Try our Oil Control Lotion for oily skin and those prone to acne and breakouts, the Advanced Cell Renewal Moisturizer for dryness and dehydration and the Collagen Moisturizer for sensitive skin.





Easy Ways To Make Sure You Stay Hydrated This Summer

We can’t stress the importance of hydration to your skin’s health enough! Dehydration can lead to premature aging (no thank you) and results in a dull complexion.

→ Add some lemon to your water for added electrolytes and maybe it’ll make you drink more of it too, win win.

→ Coconut water is also an excellent source of hydration and after lots of trial and error Harmless Harvest (which you can find at most stores) is the tastiest we’ve found.

→ Consciously choose more foods with a high water content (ie. watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, celery, and the list goes on!)

Easy things to incorporate into your routine to flush out toxins and maintain that summer glow!


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