Granular Scrub

Granular Scrub

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An exfoliator like no other. We curated the highest quality blend of polished grains, including almond meal and white cornmeal, to naturally exfoliate and perfect the skin. 6.9 oz.

For combination/oily skin

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Before cleansing, scoop a quarter size into the palm of your hand. Add several drops of water and mix. Apply the scrub to a wet face and neck, staying away from the eye area. Gently scrub upwards and in small circular motions. Thoroughly rinse or slough off the remaining scrub with a dry washcloth and follow with a cleanser. 

Glycerin USP, Honey, Fine Almond Meal, Zinc Oxide, Barley Flour, Talc, Water, Citric Acid, White Corn Meal, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Caramel Color, Fragrance.


Say goodbye to rough, dry skin and large congested pores with this natural remedy. Regular use allows new skin cells to surface, resulting in a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Face place tip

Face Place Tip: This natural exfoliator does double duty as a hand and body scrub. Dull, flaky skin will become soft, smooth and radiant.


Powerful Formulation

• Almond & Barley meal: gently exfoliates and buffs the skin

• Honey: clarifies, softens, and smooths the textural appearance

• Zinc Oxide: soothes irritated skin