Face Place iderm Facial Treatment (formerly Signature Facial Treatment) combines skilled manual extractions with galvanic current which has long been respected by many as one of the most effective anti-aging treatments. Nothing has shown to provide the results of galvanic without shots, pain or invasive procedures. What we do is not a fad or a trend, it really works, and there is no downtime. There have been imitators, but iderm is the only facial treatment in the market today that delivers 20 minutes of galvanic current to the entire face and neck at one time.

OurĀ iderm Facial Treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types, addressing issues ranging from lines and wrinkles to congestion and acne. Our estheticians complete a rigorous in-house training program so that every client has the same experience and result.

Contact Face Place today at 310-855-1150 or to schedule an iderm Facial Treatment or learn more aboutĀ the iderm process.


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