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The best pre-pampering services in London

If you feel in the need to enlist expert help to get you ready for your grand entrance, feast your eyes on the below: all guaranteed to get you in the mood, and perfectly groomed.


What: If you feel in need of some serious Hollywood level assistance, look no further. Since opening last year, Face Place has offered the signature treatment established in LA in 1972 (and is the only Face Place salon in the UK) - where everyone from Tom Cruise to Sheryl Crow and Meg Ryan have visited.

Unlike some facials which seem to serve merely as a posh, pleasant way of having someone else wash your face for you, this one is a little different. It's also suitable for those with sensitive problem skin. As someone prone to eczema, most facials I’ve had in the past have merely made my face sting like crazy with the layering of creams and potions. Not here: they use ingredients rather than products - so it’s applied science instead of copious amounts of smearing.

The 70 minute treatment begins with the application - via fabric strips - of a Yukka root solution, your face is then covered up with a ‘heat dome’ which helps open the pores up (one feels rather like a character from Star Wars). After the dome is removed, the therapist uses vacuum suction to to assist in extractions (which are completely painless, and in a strange way, almost enjoyable).  The next phase is a vitamin C solution, applied again using cotton strips, and then a rather futuristic feeling galvanic mask is placed on top of your head (with a metal pad under your back). This features chin and facial electrodes - through which a low current is passed - it is not in the least bit painful, and merely feels like a sort of fizz on your skin. The process helps to stimulate and contract muscle fibers in order to increase collagen and decrease inflammation (so excellent for tricky skin).

Afterwards, whilst feeling eminently refreshed (I have to admit to falling asleep towards the end), my skin was also rosy and glowing - so much so that when I went out to dinner that night, I didn’t put on a scrap of make up. Also worth noting: this is definitely a facial you can have on the day of a party. You won’t come out in blotches.


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