The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood's New Thing: $199,000 a Year for "Resting Rich Face"

That flawless, ageless "RRF" look on femmes d'un certain age — and let's not forget men — doesn't come cheap as a forever-young mien (yes, even in repose) takes staggering amounts of money by those who make it.

There's no denying age can look very different than it used to. Women years ago just weren't as hot as Jane Fonda at 78, nor felt sexy enough at nearly 60 to pose nude for a magazine as Sharon Stone did in 2015. Chalk it up to healthy California living, but with today's extensive artillery of high-tech anti-aging treatments, credit for Hollywood's ageless faces probably also can go to beauty doctors. But getting the better of time doesn't come cheap. "I would say $150,000 to $200,000 in a year for a rich, powerful person in L.A. is not outside the realm of normal," says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Marc Mani.


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