Skin with Masks

Currently, it's extremely important for everyone to be wearing masks in public places, but mask-wearing can lead to some skin side effects!

A properly-fitted mask should come in contact with your skin across your nose, down the side of your face and under your chin to ensure that it creates a seal. While you're wearing a mask, natural oils, dead skin cells and sweat get absorbed by it, which can lead to acne and clogged pores in these areas! The friction caused by the mask can also cause irritation. Luckily, we have some advice to help your skin stay in good shape!

Cleansing - If you are acne-prone, cleanse your face both in the morning and at night. The wash at night ensures that all excess oils and dead skin cells get scrubbed off your face so your facial skin can effectively repair itself while you sleep and the wash in the morning ensures that oils that your skin produces at night don't end up on your mask! We also recommend washing your face after wearing your mask each time. The key here is to use a cleanser that is gentle to skin while effectively cleansing. (Try our Face Shampoo - Gentle Daily Cleanser)

Toner - If you don't use one already, try introducing a toner to your skin routine! Make sure to use a toner that helps soothe your skin and also removes any remaining dirt, debris, excess oils and cleanser residue. (Try our Soothing Toner)

Makeup - If you wear makeup, try sticking to eye makeup only-- don't wear makeup under your mask and allow your skin to breathe! Makeup can further exacerbate any acne or irritation and can cause clogged pores as well.

Irritation - For irritated skin, be sure to cleanse the areas gently after removing your mask and apply a good moisturizer to help calm redness and irritation. If your skin is extremely irritated, try using hydrocolloid bandages to cover irritated areas and protect from friction.

Exfoliation - Exfoliate regularly (we recommend twice a week)! This removes dead skin cells and dirt that can cause acne (Try our Face Refinisher). However, if your skin is irritated or dry, skip this step.

Cleaning your mask - Be sure to clean your mask after every use! It's easy to want to reuse masks, but once they've been used there is a possibility they've been contaminated and they'll have picked up oils and dead skin cells from your face. Using a clean mask every time you go out not only prevents skin issues, but also helps keep you safe. 

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