Alex Balahoutis
Strange Invisible Perfumes

I have been getting facials at the Face Place in West Hollywood since I was 15.

"I have been getting facials by Myra at Face Place in West Hollywood since I was 15 – nearly 21 years! I get them twice a month, so a lot of people think I’m a big facial enthusiast. The irony is that I’m not; I’m a Myra enthusiast. Face Place give the only treatment I’ll bother with; Myra is definitely the face whisperer."

My face glows, it's cleaner than clean, and I am complimented on my skin all the time.

Kathy Lingg - Producer

"I have been a client of Face Place for too many years to count. It's close to 25! And once I had my first treatment there I never went anywhere else again. My face glows, it's cleaner than clean, and I am complimented on my skin all the time. The treatment is relaxing and rejuvenating. There are a few basic products, which are simple and wonderful. And the best part of it is that I don't look my age. Not even close!"

It’s a real gym for your skin.

Scott Ellis - Director

“If you are looking for a facial that gives your skin a real work out and cleaner, tighter, smoother skin as a result, then Face Place is where you should be. It’s a real gym for your skin.”

Janet Crown
Burn 60 Fitness Studios

It is like a mini vacation in one hour.

"There is no other skin care treatment in LA like Face Place. I started going to Face Place in my 30s, and 12 years later, my skin has never looked better. The treatments are so effective and the staff is so personable. They really care about your skin. Paul always manages to find an opening for me, and Tony transforms my skin into a radiant, fresh glow every time. You can even get a foot massage from Doran or Andrew during your treatment. The galvanic current is magic and heals everything.

This is the best facial you will ever have in your life.

Rebecca DiLiberto - Writer

"I am hesitant to tell you how ridiculously awesome, innovative, and simply mind-blowing the facial at Face Place is because it's already an insanely popular haven for people with weirdly natural looking perfect skin and it's hard enough to get an appointment, dammit! That said, THIS IS THE BEST FACIAL YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE."

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